The unexpected calm

Where were you when Schapelle Corby was released from Kerobokan Prison?

Me? I was in my doctors waiting room. I needed my ‘health care plan’ for my new therapist. I wanted to have a skin check. I also wanted to ask about my extremely sore breasts (Betty and Veronica).

Got my health care plan

Skin check all clear (will be booking in, to get one mole removed from my back, but for vanity)

My sore breasts, which seemed like the least of all of my problems, are needing an ultrasound. Especially Veronica.

I’ve booked my ultrasound for ten days from now. So, I’m assuming things aren’t urgent and my body isn’t ravaged with cancer, but I have this really, unexpected calm about it all.

What is this calm? Where has it come from? I like you. In fact, I think I love you. Please don’t leave me.

Love Nora xxx

PS. Veronica is extremely sore after my breast examination. Ouchies!


Dating in your 30’s

Confession: I have never been on a date with someone, who, I am not in a relationship with. I am turning thirty-four in one week.

Dates make me cringe. The awkward. Oh the awkward. Maybe I shouldn’t diss it till I try it, but, oh eeeeek!

And how do you get a date? Supermarket and bananas in the basket? Online? Pubs and seedy clubs? Accidentally bumping into someone and helping pick up the contents of your bag?

If Sophie Monk can’t get a date or find love, what is the world coming to? She is gorgeous and funny, caring and sexy. I have no chance.

When you do manage to get a date, who decides where to go? What do you wear? Who pays? Do you go together? What do you talk about? How do you say goodbye? (I never want to speak to you again!) and what if I’m the rejected? Blurgh.

Even if my father thinks I’m the biggest catch available, let’s look at it realistically. I am a mother of two school aged boys, I am an unemployed teacher, I have a past and with that past comes insecurity issues (that I’m working on), I have way too many clothes and shoes, we have two cats.

Will I be alone forever?

Please feel free to share your stories, it could spark some positivity.

Disclaimer: I’m not ready to date, but I am curious.

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Love Nora xxx