Dating in your 30’s

Confession: I have never been on a date with someone, who, I am not in a relationship with. I am turning thirty-four in one week.

Dates make me cringe. The awkward. Oh the awkward. Maybe I shouldn’t diss it till I try it, but, oh eeeeek!

And how do you get a date? Supermarket and bananas in the basket? Online? Pubs and seedy clubs? Accidentally bumping into someone and helping pick up the contents of your bag?

If Sophie Monk can’t get a date or find love, what is the world coming to? She is gorgeous and funny, caring and sexy. I have no chance.

When you do manage to get a date, who decides where to go? What do you wear? Who pays? Do you go together? What do you talk about? How do you say goodbye? (I never want to speak to you again!) and what if I’m the rejected? Blurgh.

Even if my father thinks I’m the biggest catch available, let’s look at it realistically. I am a mother of two school aged boys, I am an unemployed teacher, I have a past and with that past comes insecurity issues (that I’m working on), I have way too many clothes and shoes, we have two cats.

Will I be alone forever?

Please feel free to share your stories, it could spark some positivity.

Disclaimer: I’m not ready to date, but I am curious.

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Love Nora xxx


what’s the story?

On a beautiful sunny day in October a good friend and I went to our very first Clothing Exchange. We took six items of our own clothes (all of mine had tags still attached – addict of the shops!) and handed them over to the volunteers. They took our items, gave us a wrist band or tokens for each piece, even a swing tag to write a snippet of that piece of clothing’s life and placed our items on display. We came back two hours later (after coffee and people watching and homemade paleo lunch on Sydney Harbour) to the hall full of clothes.


We were then ‘let loose’ on the clothes. A sea of fashion hungry women and men, who were, in my opinion, very well behaved.


We took pieces that we liked, tried them on, put them back or hung onto them, with an extremely tight grip. It was fun. We donated items of clothing, we didn’t wear, we came home with items, we would wear. A little refresher for our wardrobes.

Last night, I went out for drinks and wore a stunning blue floral, 100% Silk, Juicy Couture mini dress, it even has pockets, which I love. I found this little beauty at the Sydney Clothing Exchange. I teamed it with my ‘Cleopatra’ headpiece (named by most men who comment on it) and a pair of cream platform stiletto ankle booties from Rubi Shoes ($15 sale online)

I wonder who owned my dress? Where did they wear it? How did they style it? How many times did they wear it? (It’s in new condition) Did they dry clean only? My dress has a past, that I know nothing about. But I love that it is now in my life and one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.

So, with my free dress and sale booties, I headed out for vodka, good company and questionable live music. Who doesn’t love a compliment? I got loads. Shoe compliments, dress compliments, headpiece compliments and “wow, you look gorgeous, I love your outfit” compliments (in the women’s bathrooms of course)


Woke up with no hangover-Winning!

Love Nora xxx

PS. Sorry about the selfies. No photographers at the moment.

accidental cat lady

I’ve always been a dog person, or so I thought.

I have now saved/adopted/rescued #norabeesaint two darling little kittens from death row, in the last six months.

I also realised, I have a type I love a tortoiseshell kitten. They are so affectionate and cheeky and can escape from anything!

We have Pippa who is the eldest and Lilly who is the baby.

Pippa not so keen on being my prop for my Frocktober pic

Lilly loves my Erin Louise Collection and so do I. The Gypsy Traveller Harems are heaven!

I am passionate about saving animals, but, unlike my mother (love you mum, even know I know you won’t read this because you don’t use a computer) I refuse to have a backyard full of animals. Therefore, I will do everything I can to support the animal rescue shelters (without taking a furry or feathered friend home)

Please, if you’re looking for a furry little friend to share your home, forever, go check out your local pound/shelter/holding facility. It will absolutely break your heart, but, even more reason to save a helpless little animal.

Blacktown Animal Holding Facility
Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter

Love Nora xxx