accidental cat lady

I’ve always been a dog person, or so I thought.

I have now saved/adopted/rescued #norabeesaint two darling little kittens from death row, in the last six months.

I also realised, I have a type I love a tortoiseshell kitten. They are so affectionate and cheeky and can escape from anything!

We have Pippa who is the eldest and Lilly who is the baby.

Pippa not so keen on being my prop for my Frocktober pic

Lilly loves my Erin Louise Collection and so do I. The Gypsy Traveller Harems are heaven!

I am passionate about saving animals, but, unlike my mother (love you mum, even know I know you won’t read this because you don’t use a computer) I refuse to have a backyard full of animals. Therefore, I will do everything I can to support the animal rescue shelters (without taking a furry or feathered friend home)

Please, if you’re looking for a furry little friend to share your home, forever, go check out your local pound/shelter/holding facility. It will absolutely break your heart, but, even more reason to save a helpless little animal.

Blacktown Animal Holding Facility
Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter

Love Nora xxx