From Rae:
ever so sweet and supportive -Nora Bee

My gorgeous and extremely skilled bargain fashionista friend has fiiiiiiinally started a blog (after MUCH begging and pleading). She is just getting started, but i promise you, ladies, this is a blog to follow!

Over the last several months, Nora Bee has completely changed my entire perspective when it comes to fashion. She has the best tips, and is compelling with her love and flare for fashion and personal style.

But what makes her extra special – and absolutely inspirational – is that she finds goooooorgeous items/outfits at an affordable and sensible price, that all women could achieve for themselves…..without feeling guilty. Yep – true story.

She’s a fellow, busy Mumma, who’s primary goal is to provide for her children, yet in the midst of all the crazy, she’s found a way to embrace and express her personal style and love for fashion.

I’m SO happy that you’ve decided to do this, Nora x You really do have a gift – and this new blog thrills me to no end!!! xxxxxxxxxx

I’ve been referring to this woman as a bargain fashionista for ages now!!

Do yourself a favour – follow, follow!!


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